1. Take care of your own personal safety throughout the camp. If any injuries, accidents or illness arises, contact any of the Facilitator or Teacher immediately.

  2. Injured or ill campers will be sent to the nearest clinic or hospital.

  3. Listen and follow all instructions.

  4. Stay in pairs or groups whenever you are visiting a place to prevent any untoward accidents.

  5. Campers have to wear sports shoes or covered shoes during all outdoor activities.

  6. The use of electronic devices like cellphones is not encouraged during all activities. We hope that you would participate actively in all the activities.

  7. Do not leave your group or team during an activity. In case of any emergency, please get permission before leaving.

  8. Disciplinary actions will be taken on any campers who do not follow the rules and regulations.

  9. No smoking, gambling, consumption of alcohol/drugs are permitted throughout the camp.



  1. 营员需照顾好自己的安全。如有病状 , 受伤或意外请立即通知负责老师或工委。

  2. 严重受伤或生病的营员将被送到附近的诊所或医院。

  3. 营员需遵守給予的指示。

  4. 营员在任何时间都须有同伴陪行,以免发生意外。

  5. 营员们在进行户外活动时,须穿运动鞋。

  6. 當活动在进行时,营员不能使用电子产品。

  7. 营员必須随时跟著自己的队伍 ,不可以擅自离开。

  8. 不遵守条规的营员将会被采取纪律行动。

  9. 严禁抽烟、赌博与酒精或使用毒品。