Pre-Arrival Information

  1. The official and instructional language is English.

  2. We hope you will be ready to participate well in this camp and interact with your fellow friends.

  3. Try to learn more about Penang beforehand! It would make your visit more enjoyable.

  4. Make sure that you are fit and in good health. We hope everyone will be able to participate in this camp in the best condition!

  5. Learn more about your country as well. You will be asked to share about your own country, cultures, customs and uniqueness with other campers throughout the camp.

  6. Prepare well for your cultural performance for the “Cultural Night” session. We hope to see the best of your performance as well as the uniqueness of your culture.

  7. Do bring along some souvenirs if you would like to exchange them with other Campers. It will be very meaningful to them.

  8. Campers are advised to bring any personal medication needed. 

  9. Be familiar with the camp song so that you can enjoy singing together.

  10. Follow all the rules and regulations during the camp as your safety is our priority.




  1. 此交流营将会以英语进行。

  2. 希望参加者能够积极地参与交流营的所有活动。

  3. ​你可以在之前多了解关于槟城的资讯,让你的“槟城之旅”更有意义。

  4. 请保持你个人的健康状况。我们希望你在最佳的身体状况下参与交流营。

  5. 请多了解你的国家,你将会在交流营里与其它参加者分享自己的国家文化,习俗的独特性。

  6. 请为“文化之夜”做出最充分的准备,将你的国家文化最好的一面展现给大家。

  7. 营员们可携带自己国家独特的纪念品与其它营员交换。

  8. ​请记得携带任何个人所需的药物。

  9. 请学习唱交流营的营歌。

  10. ​请确保你了解并遵守交流营的条规。你的安全是我们优先重视的。